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Welcome to the Hermes project page.

The "Hermes News Portal" is developed during the "Advanced Software Architecture" course at the Erasmus University. The goal of Hermes is to provide users with an understandable news portal, which is capable of letting the user search for news items in his areas of interest by selecting concepts from a knowledge base. The pool of news items is automatically gathered by using input from various RSS feeds. By using a pre-defined knowledge base, the news items can be classified with respect to their relations with concepts in this knowledge base.

Hermes is a news classification, visualization and extraction program. It makes use of an OWL ontology to store the knowledge base, the news items, and the relations between these two. Using Prefuse a graph of the knowledge base is depicted, thereby enabling users to select concepts of interest. These concepts of interest are translated into a SPARQL query which retreives only those news items, relevant to the user given the concepts of interest.

The resulting newsitems are ordered based on their relevance to the user. For each news item, related news items can be easily retreived. Using such an approach provides the user with relevant information, thereby supporting the decision process of the user.

I you want to know more, you can read our paper about it.

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